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It is a great pleasure to announce to hold the 5th Automotive Engineers Forum in Bangkok this September

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Automotive Engineers Forum in Bangkok started as an exclusive place to discuss about advanced automotive technologies in Thailand and overseas countries and deepen relationship for automotive engineers in these countries. So far automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers, materials suppliers, academic experts were invited by organizers and they got information and knowledge from presentations and enjoyed talks with other countries’ automotive engineers over gorgeous lunch.

The 5th Automotive Engineers Forum in Bangkok will take the big one track forum with capacity of 300. We show Welcome speech, 2 Keynote speech, 4 Invited sessions, 6 Sponsored sessions and Opening and Closing remarks. Under the global trends of latest automotive R&D, Automobile Electrification and Autonomous Driving Vehicles with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) will be focused again.

As latest technologies involved in Autonomous Driving with ADAS, many kinds of seeds on sensing, control logic including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dynamic Map, Information Technology (IT) and Connected technologies will be reviewed. Automobile Electrification like "Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)", "Range Extender Electric Vehicles (REEV)", "Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)", "Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)", "Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV)" will be also reviewed.

As it is well known, this forum will adopt “a free to attend by invitation system” in which organizer will select quality automotive engineers from the list owned by organizers. The 5th Automotive Engineers Forum in Bangkok is scheduled to provide about 15 sessions and gives more clearly defined presentations and discussions about advanced automotive technologies to attendances.

Pickup Session

Keynote 1

Stefan-Alexander Schneider

From ADAS to AD: Enabling the Disruption

Stefan-Alexander Schneider

University of Applied Sciences in Kempten

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Keynote 2

Nobuyuki Aoyama

Honda eMaaS concept and Connected Services

Nobuyuki Aoyama

Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.




Evant Name

5th Automotive Engineers Forum in Bangkok
~Under the Global Mainstream of Automotive Electrification and Intelligence~


September 20th, 2019


Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld

Forum:Convention Centre Level LOTUS-room on the 22 floor
Exhibition:Convention Centre Pre-Functionoom on the 22 floor
Lunch:Convention Centre Pre-Functionoom on the 22 floor


300 persons (Opening Remarks, Keynote session, Special sponsored session,
Invited session, Sponsored session)


Free(Note: All the attendees will be invited by organizers)


English and Thai *Simultaneous Interpretation Provided between English and Thai
มีการให้บริการเครื่องแปลภาษา(ภาษาไทย เป็น ภาษาอังกฤษ)


Smart Mobility Research Center of Chulalongkorn University


  • Society of Automotive Engineer-Thailand
  • Impress Corporation


  • Global Research Institute for Mobility in Society, Institutes of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University

Targeted attendees

  • * Engineers involved in green energy and safety
  • * Engineers involved in testing, CAE and measurement
  • * Engineers involved in car electronics
  • * Administrator


Secretariat of the Automotive Engineers Forum: Impress Corporation