ADT Systems (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd.

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Automotive test equipements and simulation software solutions for Noise, Vibration, Durability and Reliability. As well as the Passive Safety and Autonomous driving application.

  • Portable NVH analyzer and sensors
  • 1D simulation software (Multi physics), synchronized with 3D CAE software and test data
  • Passive safety test rig/machine
  • High speed camera. Eye tracking system
  • High accurated positioning system (GNSS/GPS with inertial data)


  • NAC Image Technology : High Speed Camera, Eye tracking system.
  • Simens - Simulation & Testing Solutions (STS)
    Simulation & Physical Testing for NVH Solustions
  • OxTS - Inertial + GNSS Solustions
    ADAS, Autonomus Vehicles, Vehicle Dynamics

Corporate Info

Kornkanok C.

55/37 Khlong Lam chiak,Nuanchan,Buengkum,Bangkok Thailand 10230

TEL: +66(0)2-508-1311

URL: http://www.adtsystems-ap.com/


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AVL is the world's largest privately owned company for development, simulation and testing technology of powertrains (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, trucks, small and large engines.

AVL SEA & AUSTRALIA Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned affiliate of AVL List GmbH. Located in Bangkok with sales and service offices and representatives in Hanoi, Jakarta, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei are we responsible for the countries of South-east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Bangladesh.


  • Instrumentation and Test Systems for Electrification and Powertrain.
  • Electrification and Powertrain Engineering
  • Advanced Simulation Technologies

Corporate Info

34F., Suntowers B, 123 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road., Jatujak Bangkok 10900

TEL: +66 2299 0500

URL: https://www.avl.com/


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ESPEC is total solution provider for environmental testing equipment. whole sales of environmental testing equipment, installation & maintenance job, engineering work and Testing service in Thailand


  • Environmental Testing Chamber
  • Installation & maintenance environmental testing equipment
  • Environmental Testing service.

Corporate Info

Mr. Yoshinobu Matsumura

700/860, Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate , (Phase 8) Moo 5, Tambol Nongkakha, Amphur Panthong, Chonburi

TEL: +81-3-8109-353

Flow Science Japan, Inc

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We are not only CFD software distributor company but also CFD consultant company. Please feel free to ask us what our CFD products can simulate, how we can custmize software and what outputs we can produce as entrusted CFD services.


  • FLOW-3D a higly-accurate CFD software
  • FLOW-3D Cast a complete flow and thermal solution for metal casting processes.
  • FLOW Weld welding module for FLOW-3D
  • FLOW DEM dem module for FLOW-3D

Corporate Info

Sales Department

MPR Higashi Ueno Bld., 6-2-1, Higashi Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015, Japan

TEL: +81-3-6802-7810

URL: https://www.flow3d.co.jp/

FORUM8 Co., Ltd.

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VR-Design Studio UC-win/Road and automotive solutions powered by the software such as various driving simulators including the one based on 8DOF motion platform for reproduction of real vehicle dynamics and the one based on 3 DOF VR Motion Seat connected with a head mount display, each playing a key role of an ideal integrated platform for autonomous driving / ADAS simulation and ITS automotive research, will be introduced via software demonstration and video to the crowd together with software features/applications, and road map for future development.


  • VR-Design Studio UC-win/Road, Real-time Interactive 3D VR Simulation and Modeling Software
  • Vehicular Dynamics Research & Evaluation System - High Precision Driving Simulator
  • UC-win/Road 8DOF Traffic Safety Simulator on 8DOF motion platform offering 360 degrees peripheral view
  • UC-win/Road Driving Simulator based on 6 DOF motion platform geared with torque controllable force-feedback steering wheel
  • VR-Cloud®, cloud solution for real-time interaction of UC-win/Road's 3D VR environment by thin clients

Corporate Info

System Sales Group / Zheng He

2-15-1 SHINAGAWA INTERCITY Building A 21F Konan Minato-ku Tokyo 108-6021, JAPAN

TEL: +81(0)3-6711-1983

URL: http://www.forum8.co.jp/english/

IMV(Thailand) Co., LTD

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IMV core technology key word is ""Vibration"". IMV is the pioneer of vibration technology.
Currently, IMV expands our scope of business not only vibration test also all-weather environmental test and EV parts/battery test. IMV has a lot of test support experience and must be the best partner for your R&smp;D and QA/QC process of testing. We can discuss about accuracey of testing, safety facilities, tough fixtures, and international test standards.


  • Test Lab Service at Amata Nakorn I.E is accredit laboratory by ISO17025. we can support high quality outsourcing test.
  • IMV Vibration test system can cover single axis test, multi-axis test, temperature and humidity combined test, and 6 DOF test.
  • IMV Vibration Measurement equipments are portable vibrometer, transportation data logger, multi-channel data logger, and on-line monitoring system,
  • We established IMV Techno Vietnam that it the first vibration test laboratory in Vietnam.

Corporate Info

Sales Department / Mr. Hiroshi Tagoshima

Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate Phase9 700/907 Moo 5 Tambol Hnongkakkha, Amphur Phanthong, Chonburi Province, 20160, Thailand

TEL: +66 38 212 226

URL: http://www.imv.co.th/th/

Ito Precision Technologies Limited

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Ito Precision Technologies Limited, we are leading engineering provider who work with top tier suppliers. Ito brings a complementary set of material, components and equipments to our customers. We then use our process knowledge to combine these items into advanced production lines that offer excellent performance and flexibility to our worldwide customers.


  • Avio, IR Camera
  • ACI Foilstar Laser Marking

Corporate Info

Anchalee Watpuangkaew

3656/7, Unit A, 3rd Floor, Green Tower, Rama 4 Road, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

TEL: +662 3673542

URL: http://www.ito-group.com/

Keysight Technologies

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Self-Discharge Analyzer that directly measures self-discharge current on large number of Li-ion cell. A revolutionary reduction in the time required to dicern good vs bad cell self-discharge performance.


  • BT2152A Self-Discharge Analyzer
  • Scienlab Automotive EV Test Solutions

Corporate Info

URL: https://www.keysight.com/sg/en/home.html

Kobelco Reserarch International (Thailand) CO., LTD

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Testing & Analysis Service Laboratory KRIT provides R&D related and Quality related technical service by testing and analysis solution through the dedicated laboratory in Bangkok.


  • Safety evaluation test of Lithium-ion Battery
  • Material evaluation service in Thailand
  • Strength & Durability test service in Thailand

Corporate Info

Marketing & Sales Division, Kurashima

938 Soi Punnavithee 28, Sukhumvit 101 Rd.
Bangchark, Pra-khanong, Bangkok, 10260, Thailand

TEL: +66-2730-5174

URL: http://www.kobelcokaken.co.jp/en/index_e.html


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KYOWA CASTING (THAILAND) is aluminum die cast manufacturer in Thailand. We manufacture Automotive parts.
We are owned subsidiary by KYOWA CASTING Co., Ltd., established in Japan 1943.
We are keeping sound finance over 70 years and we are continuing to secure stable and reasonable priced supply to many automotive companies.

Corporate Info

Marketing & SCM /Ms.Thantika Ruenpham

500/111 Moo3 Tambol Tasith, Amphoe Pluakdaeng, Rayong, 21140 ,Thailand

TEL: +66 33 659 132-4

URL: http://www.kyowa-casting.com/

Nabtesco Corporation

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Nabtesco suggests the products that are optimal for welding applications, using our industry-leading precision reduction gears to reduce man-hours and costs for equipment, manufacturers, and make it simple for the end-user to standardize their machines.


  • Precision reduction gears for welding positioners

Corporate Info

Precision Equipment Company FA Sales Department / Yamauchi

7-9, Hirakawacho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093, Japan

TEL: (+81) 3-5213-1151

URL: https://precision.nabtesco.com/

Schaeffler Group

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  • Manual Transmission 6 Speed : Toyota Hilux Revo
  • Manual Transmission 6 Speed : Mitsubishi Triton
  • SCHAEFFLER "Trasmission Products"
  • SCHAEFFLER "Engine Products"
  • SCHAEFFLER "Chassis Products"

Corporate Info

Communication and Marketing, Nachanok Tassana

390/1 Moo 2, Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate 2, Kao Khan Song, Sriracha, Chonburi, 20110 Thailand

TEL: Tel +66 33 078 965, Cell +66 63 204 0917

URL: http://www.schaeffler.co.th/

Shimadzu Asia Pacific

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Shimadzu was founded in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan providing Universal Testing Machines (tensile/compression, fatigue, endurance, hardness & strength), Industrial X-ray CT Inspection System to a wide range of industries worldwide with applications, technical and sales support situated throughout the region via local distributers (Bara Scientific & Matsuda Engineering).

Shimadzu can provide you with solutions for any environment or application with the highest quality in product standards and the delivery of excellent customer support services.


  • AUTOGRAPH - AG-Xplus & AGS-X Series
    Autograph is used to test the tensile or/and compression strength of materials.
  • Hydraulic Servo System - UH-X/FX Series
    UH-X/FX Series is a new hydraulic universal testing machine which is ease-of-operation for beginners, high precision testing control, and energy-saving by environmentally friendly design.
  • Hardness Testers & Sample Preparation Machines
    Full range of testers ranges from Vickers, Rockwell & Brinell; Sample preparation like cutting, polishing & mounting.
  • X-ray fluoroscopy - SMX-311M
    Mainly for work in production technology departments and factories that produce aluminum die cast parts and electronic components.
  • SMX-225CT FPD HR
    SMX-225CT FPD HR is a high-performance microfocus X-ray CT system equipped with a Shimadzu microfocus X-ray generator and a large high-resolution flat panel detector for superior inspection.

Corporate Info

Venjamin Chan (venjaminchan@shimadzu.com.sg)

79 Science Park Drive #02-01/08 Cintech IV, 118264, Singapore

TEL: +65 9663 6330

URL: http://www.shimadzu.com.sg/


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We will display "smallest type of Vibration testing machine" at our boose in order to clarify of our machine and what is vibration,why needs vibration test.In our boose ,There are Thai Service Engineer who can explain The, English and Japanese on -site.
Explanation of the provision of "quality" service by Japanese service engineer by Japanese service engineer because we are not going beyond Thailand and deploy ASEAN.
We would like you to know that we provide our servise not only in Thailand but also in your ASEAN regional bases.We are conducting Thai staff education stuck to Japanese style from Japanese engineers.
Our Laboratory conducts tie-up tests with not only the EMIC vibration test but also the collaborative KRIT Kobelco Institute of Science (strength test), we would like well-known to the persons concerned


  • We will display "smallest type of our Vibration testing machine" at our boose in order to clarify of our machine and what is vibration.Why needs vibration test.
  • Promote our Laboratory Testing Service. And also introduce our partoner company KRIT /Kobelco Thailand (Major in Strength Test and Analysis)
  • Consultation about contracted testing service in our Laboratory,Calibration,Purchasing ,we will offer special price for this boose only. Please feel free to ask us.
  • We , Thai Emic based on Thailand , we are providing services in Asean countries too. Our customer and agent in Asean countries.
  • Company flag, Table cloth of Thai Emic,catalogue,complimentary gift.

Corporate Info

Operation Director/ Mr. Shimizu

No. 15/1 Soi Phunnavithi 28, Sukhumvit 101 road, Bangchak, Prakanong, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

TEL: +66 (0) 2331-2746-7

URL: https://www.emic-net.co.jp/en/

Vibration Research Corporation

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Celebrating 23 years in business, U.S.A. based Vibration Research (VR) is the leading innovator in vibration control. They listen to their customers’ needs and offer testing products, software and support that deliver unrivaled value. Their VR9500 Revolution Vibration Controller and VibrationVIEW software include patented innovations used by testing labs and engineers throughout the world. iDOF™, FDS, FDR, and Kurtosion® are a few of VR’s applications that ensure accurate and fast vibration testing. They also now offer their new portable data acquisition and analysis tool, the ObserVR1000. Visit us at our booth to learn more!


  • VR9500 Revolution Vibration Controller
  • Vibration VIEW software that accurately and quickly solves troublesome industry issues like over-and-under testing and predicting a product's point of fatigue
  • ObserVR1000, a fully autonomous device that provides reliable performance, accurate testing, and user-friendly features

Corporate Info



TEL: +16166693028

URL: http://www.vibrationresearch.com/